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Training - use of crampons and ice axe

  • mountaineering-course-one-day
  • mountaineering-course-one-day
  • mountaineering-course-one-day
  • mountaineering-course-one-day
  • mountaineering-course-one-day
  • mountaineering-course-one-day

The training is entirely practical and it will take place outside, in the mountain.Winter mountains come with their specific features, harboring dangers that require proper preparation and attention. It's essential to be well-prepared physically and organizationally to fully enjoy the experience. If you wish to practice mountaineering during the winter season, it's essential to acquire basic knowledge about specialized equipment for movement in winter conditions, orientation, winter marking, hazards, and how to minimize risks. Understanding how to plan and organize our winter trek or climb, proper clothing, and nutrition are also integral parts of your preparation.

The goals of the training are to familiarize you with:

  • Winter equipment and gear, using crampons and ice axe.
  • Basic safety requirements for movement in winter conditions.
  • Specifics in preparing for the trek; Choosing a route.
  • Techniques for moving in deep snow (if snow conditions allow).
  • Movement techniques on firn and ice.
  • Self-arrest with an ice axe.
  • Specifics in preparing for winter trekking; Choosing a route.
  • Winter bivouacs. Why, when, and how?

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Cancellation Policy:

Чл. 89. (Изм. – ДВ, бр. 37 от 2018 г., в сила от 01.07.2018 г.) (1) Пътуващият има право да прекрати договора за туристически пакет по всяко време преди започването на изпълнението на туристическия пакет.

The tourist owes a penalty as follows:

  • 20 or more days before tour start: - No penalty
  • Between 19 and 14 days before tour start: - 30% from the price
  • Between 13 and 7 days before tour start: - 60% from the price
  • Less than 3 days before tour start: - 100% from the price
  • In the event of a change in weather conditions during the tour or other unforeseen situations, the guide may change the route or offer another alternative option to the participants for their safety
  • If the program cannot happen due to bad weather forecast, the organizer will refund 100% of the price to the participants
  • In order to take part in the tour, you must be in good physical health and condition, and notify the organizer in case you have any illnesses or injuries
  • If the number of participants is less than the minimum and the program will not happen, the organizer will notify all registered participants up to 7 days before the event
  • Discounts cannot be combined