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Winter ascent of Malyovitsa

  • trek-winter-malyovitsa
  • trek-winter-malyovitsa
  • trek-winter-malyovitsa
  • trek-winter-malyovitsa
  • trek-winter-malyovitsa
  • trek-winter-malyovitsa
  • trek-winter-malyovitsa
  • trek-winter-malyovitsa

Do you love the mountains, then what about Malyovitsa peak? Malyovitsa peak with its altitude of 2729 meters is one of the most popular peaks in Bulgaria. Do you want to ascent the peak in winter conditions? Wonder no more, but come with us. We will get you to one of the most beautiful winter treks in the entire Rila mountain.

Tour Itinerary

7:00 AM: Departure from the "Vasil Levski" stadium for people using organized transportation.

8:30 AM: Our meeting point is at the parking of Malyovitsa ski center for the people travelling by private transport.

Upon arrival, the mountain guides will give a brief overview to the group, provide instructions, and check the equipment. We'll pack our backpacks and set off to execute the day's plan.

First part of the trek is to reach Malyovitsa hut located at around 50 minutes from the starting point. We will walk on a well-maintained path in the forest until we reach the hut. It is a time for a short break for a breakfast and cup of tea.

The actual fun part of the ascent starts from the hut. We are surrounded on both sides by steep rock edges and peaks. About 1 hour into the trek we will reach a place called "second terrace", which is usually the place where most of the people stop for the next short break. After that we have to reach Elenino lake, which will be frozen at this time of the year.

From Elenino lake starts the final stage of the trek - reaching Malyovitsa peak. This the most beatiful part of the trek. If you're a sucker for views, then definitely you will like it. There is no way to describe all the views that will unfold at the top (2729 meters), you have to see it.

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What do you need for the trekking?
  • Suitable hiking boots - 3-season hiking boots or mountaineering boots (depending on the program and the season)
  • Spare socks
  • Comfortable hiking pants
  • Thermal underwear - top and bottom
  • Fleece
  • Wind and water proof jacket
  • A down jacket or other jacket with synthetic insulation
  • Winter and summer hat, buff and gloves
  • Raincoat
  • About 40 liters backpack
  • Headtorch with spare batteries
  • Water (1.5 liters)
  • Sunglasses and sunscream with a high SPF
  • Food for the trek
  • Ids and cash money
  • Trekking Poles
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Other things - according your personal needs
Difficulty Level:
  • Intro - Programs that are an introduction in the hiking. For people without any experience. A high level of physical endurance and special hiking equipment are not required. The hikes are usually short and easy up to about 3 hours. The 'Intro' programs happen in spring, summer or fall
  • Beginners - Programs for people with previous hiking experience. Treks of this type are slightly longer (about 4-6 hours) and include a greater positive elevation gain (about 300-400 meters). No technical sections
  • Intermediate - Programs duration is usually around 6-8 hours. Participants must have good physical endurance. Programs of this type include climbing peaks, crossing dynamic terrain. The total positive elevation gain for the day is about 600-800 meters, but it is could exceed 1000 meters
  • Advanced - Treks duration is about 8-10 hours. Includes large elevation gain - 1000+ meters. Programs of this type often involve scrambling terrain in summer conditions or winter ascents of peaks. Participants must be absolutely confident in their physical abilities as well as their equipment. Oftentimes, winter programs of this type require the use of crampons and ice axe
  • Extreme - These programs are only for experienced mountaineers who want to cross the line between hiking and alpinism. The programs are often over 10 hours long and about 1500 meters of daily elevation gain. They include traversing technical edges, climbing rock ledges and/or categorized routes, using mandatory alpine equipment. Participants must know how to use crampons and ice axe
Cancellation Policy:

Чл. 89. (Изм. – ДВ, бр. 37 от 2018 г., в сила от 01.07.2018 г.) (1) Пътуващият има право да прекрати договора за туристически пакет по всяко време преди започването на изпълнението на туристическия пакет.

The tourist owes a penalty as follows:

  • 20 or more days before tour start: - No penalty
  • Between 19 and 14 days before tour start: - 30% from the price
  • Between 13 and 7 days before tour start: - 60% from the price
  • Less than 3 days before tour start: - 100% from the price
  • In the event of a change in weather conditions during the tour or other unforeseen situations, the guide may change the route or offer another alternative option to the participants for their safety
  • If the program cannot happen due to bad weather forecast, the organizer will refund 100% of the price to the participants
  • In order to take part in the tour, you must be in good physical health and condition, and notify the organizer in case you have any illnesses or injuries
  • If the number of participants is less than the minimum and the program will not happen, the organizer will notify all registered participants up to 7 days before the event
  • Discounts cannot be combined